Bangkok, Thailand, 4 April 2017–IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. (“IMPACT”),COMEXPOSIUM and Union des Industriels de I’Agroeqyuipment (“AXEMA”) from France, kicked off SIMA ASEAN Thailand 2017 with key event prelude, ‘Driving Thai Agriculture towards ASEAN through ‘Thailand 4.0’ Model’’ industry forum.

The objectives were to get the industry together to discuss the application of innovation and technologies; and to encourage Thai agriculture towards international level. The key message of the industry forum was that Thailand’s economic development is highly dependent on agriculture.

The industry forum was honored to feature the following esteemed speakers:

  • Mr. Somchai Boonpradub, Senior Expert in Cropping Systems, Acting Director of the Office of Senior Expert, Department of Agriculture;
  • Mr. Wanchai Boonsamran, President of the Association of Management Marketing and Industry Consultants;
  • Dr. Somsit Moonsatan, Advisor of Thai Machinery Association (TMA); and
  • Mr. Yannaphon Limpanachokchai, Secretary General of the Federation of Thai Industries (Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Industry Club).

They shared their expertise and perspectives on Thailand’s agriculture industry, focusing particularly on innovation and technologies to develop the country.

Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives takes action to educate Thai farmers on ‘Thailand 4.0’

According to Mr. Somchai Boonpradub,“To kick-start the policy, we must focus on developing farmers, which is the core element of Thai agriculture. The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives has established 882 training centers in every province to increase the efficiency of agriculture production through innovation and technologies. Moreover, the Ministry introduced ‘Agri-Map’, to demarcate agricultural zoning in all the provinces, in accordance with each area’s geographical and climatic conditions. The ‘Agri-Map’ will be adopted to recommend crops suitable for respective farmlands. Every organization under the ministry must unite, in order to educate and support the agriculture industry.”

Agricultural machinery is crucial to increase product value

Dr. Somsit Moonsatan said, “The utilization of agricultural machinery industry is crucial for Thailand’s economic development. For example, coconut-peeling machines can peel more and faster. As a result, we can increase productivity and get higher profits. That can be achieved when we have the development of agricultural startups and innovative smart farming systems, which is one of also the requirements of ‘Thailand 4.0’.In addition, the integration project between various departments to push Thai farmers to world-class quality is crucial. We must make it happen.”

The importance of management and technology on agricultural industry

Mr. Wanchai Boonsamran said “The interesting thing is most organizations are working on innovation and technologies to support the agriculture industry, such as Internet of Things (IoT) or Embedded System. However Thai farmers find it hard to access these innovations. The government should also be involved in managing these innovations. The Cluster Development Agent (CDA) is able to be the middleman, connecting the two parties. Handled properly, the probability of driving the ‘Thailand 4.0’ policy in the near future, is very high.”

Incentives to push ‘Made-in-Thailand’ agricultural machinery

Mr. Yannaphon Limpanachokchai said “We usually use innovation from overseas, rarely from local sources. We are making efforts to incentivize the production of “Made-in-Thailand” products. The Federation of Thai industries and the Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Industry Club operate with other industries such as the Power Producer Industry Club or Renewable Energy Industry Club, to encourage innovations from Thailand. We focus specially on ‘Smart Farming’ and ‘Precision Farming’.‘Precision Land Preparation’ is utilize to prepare the soil properly. ‘Precision Crop Seeding’, uses GPS to indicate how to seed efficiently, whilst ‘Precision Crop Management’ manages the use of fertilizer and water. These incentives plan are aimed at reducing cost and improving productivity.”

SIMA ASEAN Thailand 2017

SIMA ASEAN Thailand 2017 presents great opportunities for the agriculture sector to enter the ‘Thailand 4.0’ era. Visitors can experience the latest agricultural innovation and technology from local and international sources. The show will be held from September 7-9, 2017 at Hall 5-6, IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center and IMPACT Lakeside Muang Thong Thani. To find out more, visit


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